Eric's Name Your Own Price scheme

There are a number of companies experimenting with this concept of permitting their market to name their own price on their established, or fairly well known, product lines. In the spirit of the reason for the site, Eric has decided to enable a more flexible pricing strategy for the products that are available on the site. As part of the grand, global experiment: you name the price.

The small catch is that the name your own pricing is valid for only a certain license type for the products. You can read the details of the catch here. The general deal is this. You can remix, share, and alter the work so long as attribution remains and you cannot use any of the products for outright commercial purposes.

The reason for this is suppress troll sites that would seek to pirate the material and good nature of the site and use the brand for their own benefit, rather than benefiting the direct ER community. So commercial licenses are worked out on a per project basis and will require talking to Eric to ensure that a reasonable level of quality is attained for commercial marketing of brand materials.

How it works

You'll find that there are products listed on the main page of the site. Simply select from the drop down list of available prices what you're willing to pay for the item and click "Buy Now". It's that simple. If, for some reason, you're just not able to pay for the item (you're broke, unemployed, impoverished college student, an underfunded startup) then just click on the download link for the product you're interested in, which will be listed directly beneath the "Buy Now" button.

Why you should pay something, if you can

The money you pay goes into the general operating fund for the company, which then helps support a larger network of people. Money that flows into the site has always gone out to various contractors working on any number of projects that Eric is involved in. These are enriching opportunities for people across the globe and, in small steps, help make the world a slightly better place. So every transaction here blesses at least seven people, around the world. We're not a big outfit and we're pretty sure you can't get much smaller. Pay what you can, when you can. If you can't pay now, but can in a few weeks. Great! Just remember to come back and pay what you feel is just for the material, insight, and overall value that you received from our work.

From there, we do more, and in the end, we all keep moving forward.