Micro-loan funding in Iowa

It isn't much of a secret that I hold an endless fascination with the power, promise and returns of micro-lending. In my mind, micro-loans are a democratization of the lending process that pushes the promise of compassionate capitalism by seeding the next generation of enterprise, no matter how bold or out there the idea might be.


Truly a remarkable time, not just for Iowans, but for the world at large. If you are at all familiar with programs like Kiva, then you may already be one of many people who have helped develop a local economy in a place that your friends likely aren't even aware exists.

We are not far away from the first international success of these efforts, an adventurous tale and modern day retelling of the Horatio Alger story to inspire generations to come in the context of the international, and the inspiration and perspiration of the community that grew with them. And, as the web is growing, no-doubt that incarnation of said story will be something akin to a Storify re-capture of the immutable events of the web.