Filling a cup with liquid gold has nothing at all to do with this post.

I made an arrangement with myself about a year or two ago that I wouldn't resume blogging of anything beyond "helping others" because, well, hawking the latest in diet fashion, some internet application, or the latest youtube video showing kittens taking over the world ... just seems unethical. Seriously, wouldn't you just rather watch some videos on kittens than reading anything written by these careless fingers?

Clearly not ... because you are still here.

Lately, I've given myself the luxory of fleeting thought. OK, let's explain. "Giving a gift to yourself of fleeting thought" isn't something to be taken for granted. Most of the time I'm lucky to have a thought that isn't obsessed with something to do with my daily adventures, which are quite time consuming and I'm bound by six documents (at last count) that say I more or less can't talk too much about them. Except to say that I can't talk about them.

Probably already said more than I should have.

However, today something weird happened....

So let's do this. Let me take you through my day today so you can have a bit more appreciation for why it is that I've decided to set aside, for an unknown amount of time, this crazy thought that maybe I'll try blogging again here and there with material that takes you backstage into the general craziness that began on this Sunday the 13th of June.


0. Awakened
1. Rain
2. Donuts
3. No rain
4. ... oops, more rain
5. Clam chowder
6. Technology conference material review
7. Take some paperwork up to the office
8. Return home, hear from wife that my books are being sold on ebay
9. Review book sales, discover they're up again
10. Swear
10.125 Check websites
10.250 Walk around in circle
10.750 Check other webistes
11. Swear a little bit more
12. Start blogging!

Back-out plan: Videos of kittens!

As you can see, my plan is perfect.

So, after an investigation of research into whether an author should blog or not and trying to figure out why blogging authors were somehow different than print authors, I decided that the best thing to do would be to encourage more book sales, get the other TRR books out, maybe start working on a new set (gasp) and maybe work on finishing up those philosophy books (double gasp) by getting connected to a real publishing house who could get my silly yet short name on the shelf.

One of the small footnotes buried inside the linkity-link above is a quote indented four levels deep from technologically obsolete punctuation (tx twtr!) is this thought that there is a certain authorial benefit to sharing the backroom with the userbase who is interested in the style, mannerism, and prose of their favored authors and the enduring struggles that they go through in order to see their work pushed to print.

Sharing the backroom is all well and good, but it'd be doubly good if I could use this platform as a vehicle to land some sort of publisher deal and with that in hand go from "they're hawking my books on ebay for ebay rankings" to "they're hawking my books for BMWs". I'm all about helping my fellow man.

So, I posted this on my blog.