100 Startup Tips for the Small Business Centurion

Having worked in a number of statups, Eric is keen to point out the relationship across business boundaries from ISVs to all sorts of other businesses. "It's important to explore the success drivers for another industry for one very simple reason: get prepared for when you need them."

The list below is cobbled fromhttp://blogs.jobdig.com/wwds/2009/07/04/happy-independence-day-to-all-independents-or-who-want-to-be/ . If you're self-employed (we note that a large number of you are:) ), then take this as a friendly reminder of all the things you have to keep on doing to remain competitive and on track.

If you're inclined to know how the items in the top100 list can spin out horribly wrong, then we suggest picking up a copy of Eric Rhea's Enterprise Gremlins as an important item in your must-read list. It is a fun filled book that spotlights real world trouble in the small business environment.

This selection from the top 100 list is the same that the ISV community also found interesting:

  • Speed reading

  • A must-read list

  • Get comfortable asking for advice and help

  • Present your startup idea to anyone who will listen

  • Get really, really good at concisely stating your business idea

  • Find a metaphor that works for your business idea

  • It is about leadership, not management

  • Love your prospects

  • Know what you are good at

  • Build your team

  • Storytellers needed

  • TIVO-Ability

  • To sell many, sell one

  • Your sales people don’t work for you

  • Be ready for luck

  • Never talk down,talk up

  • Communicate with your stakeholders often

  • Better to be OCD, than ADD

  • No one will like change, except you
  • These are ideas that don't just apply to a startup. Turn them inward and see what happens!